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Our Innovation

Flexible Wireless Charging

Powermat is excited to offer the reference design of AgileInductive™ technology, a flexible wireless charging platform that will make it easier than ever for businesses and home users to enjoy a seamless inductive charging experience with no drilling or screws required. Powermat has focused on making wireless charging available to everyone. With AgileInductive, we’re bringing advanced through-surface inductive technology to homes and offices, while creating a simple and user friendly experience.


On or Below the Surface

Placing the transmitter on the table, will have it function as a regular wireless charging pad. Placing the transmitter below the table and a sticker on top, enables through surface magnetic inductive charging. The transmitter is not permanent on the table and can be moved when needed. The end-result is a sleek and clean solution — no cords, unsightly hardware or drill holes.

Inductive wireless charging multi standard compatibility
Fast charge any embedded phone

Powermat's Technology

To provide full coverage for the wide range of devices on the market, Powermat inductive wireless charging technology is compatible with all inductive charging standards, including Qi and fast charging capabilities (up to 15W). AgileInductive also comes with voltage, current & thermal protections, including advanced FOD calibration and tracking, especially important for through-surface charging (for surfaces up to 1.2″ thick).

Powermat AgileInductive Features

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Below or on top
of the surface
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When placed below the surface
your phone will charge
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Sleek & clean design
when below the table
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screws required
Universal wireless charging solution


Fast charging of all
embedded phones
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Advanced FOD calibration and tracking,
voltage, current & thermal protections