Wireless Charging Benefits

Wireless charging is here and it’s definitely here to stay. We are seeing more and more devices in the market with embedded wireless charging, and more on the way to be launched soon. Analysts say that it’s only a matter of time until we see charging ports disappear from all mobile phones. Removing the port will allow better water-proofing of the device, more flexibility in form factor designs and can improve overall look and finish.

Wireless charging has many benefits already available today, here are a few:

Always powered

Always Powered

The Powermat wireless charging network consists of wireless Charging Spots easily accessible in public spaces throughout your day. Wireless charging is available in your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, in the airport and in your car. You can go about your busy day without worrying about your battery at all. No worries, no fuss, you can concentrate on what’s really important, like that report due tomorrow or the lecture you need give.


Seamless Experience

Next time you go to a restaurant or an important meeting in a fancy conference room, take a look on the tables. High chances you will find plenty of mobile phones placed on the tables, next to their owner usually sitting close by, taking a peak to see whether they have missed a call or a text message.
This is how wireless charging fits seamlessly into your life and not the other way around. With wireless charging, we can maintain the same behavior of placing the phone on the nearest table, and the phone will charge. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

No wear & tear

No Wear & Tear

How many times did you answer a call on your mobile phone, forgetting it was connected to a cabled charger, ripping it aggressively from the charger? Plugging your phone in and out frequently without paying attention to the delicate charging port is an act we all do even if not on purpose.
With wireless charging, since you don’t plug in the charging cable, the charging port on your mobile phone stays intact. You don’t need to fear of wear & tear due to erosion or aggressive use.

Clean surface

Clean Surface

Integrated wireless Charging Spots create a clutter-free environment, since no cables are needed on the table in order to charge. There’s plenty research available on why a messy desk creates a stressful environment. Cleaning up the cables from the desk will create a healthier and more efficient space to get some work done or relax with your morning coffee.